Hi, I'm Pat Castaldo.

I believe the best things in life are participatory.

I run the Land Gallery and co-founded buyolympia.com.

I also design award winning Mac software, mostly relating to scales, mailing and shipping.

I'm a really lucky guy. I've got an amazing, beautiful wife that plays rollerderby and a handsome, genius son.

I live in Portland, Oregon and spend time drinking coffee during the day and sparkling white wine at night. Oh, and yeah, I love to eat.

I take pictures and keep them on flickr and instagram.

In my free time, I like to play pinball. I mean, like a lot of pinball. In fact, I've once played in more tournaments in three years than anyone else in the world. I play so much pinball I'm in a pinball gang.

Back in the old-days, I used to live in Olympia, Washington, was president of a film society, chair of the Planning Commission and sat on the Heritage Commission.

I went to college at Evergreen, wrote some COBOL for the state, and worked on the design for quite a few album covers, while also helping run a small record label and put on some music festivals.

Lately, I've taken to making animated GIFs of my friends and writing about fatherhood and motorized vehicles.

Oh yeah, I've also been known to tell an NSFW story or two to strangers.

I'm not sure why my bio sounds reads like something on a dating site, but, oh well?